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Let C Be the Mid-point of an Arc Ab of a Circle Such that M ⌢ a B = 183°. If the Region Bounded by the Arc Acb and the Line Segment Ab is Denoted by S, Then the Centre O of the Circle Lies - Mathematics


Let C be the mid-point of an arc AB of a circle such that m \[ \stackrel\frown{AB}\]  = 183°. If the region bounded by the arc ACB and the line segment AB is denoted by S, then the centre O of the circle lies


  • in the interior of S

  •  in the exertior of S

  • on the segment AB

  • on AB and bisects AB

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in the interior of S
m \[ \stackrel\frown{AB}\]  = 183° and C is mid-point of arc ABO is the centre.With the given information the corresponding figure will look like the following

So the center of the circle lies inside the shaded region S.

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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 15 Circles
Q 9 | Page 110
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