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Legal Principles: 1. Consideration Must Be of Value in the Eyes of Law. 2. Consideration is Not Real If It is Illusory. Factual Situation: Arjun Received a Summons to Appear at a Trial as a Witness - Legal Reasoning


1. Consideration must be of value in the eyes of law.
2. Consideration is not real if it is illusory.
FACTUAL SITUATION: Arjun received a summons to appear at a trial as a witness on behalf of Bitu, the accused. Bitu promised to pay him a sum of 1,000 for his trouble. On default by Bitu, Arjun filed a suit to recover the said sum. Will he succeed?


  • No, as the consideration is of no value in the eyes of law.

  • Yes, as the contract is supported by consideration.

  • No, as there is no consideration for the premise.

  • Yes, as he appeared before the court only after Bitu agreed to pay him the amount of Rs. 1,000.

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No, as the consideration is of no value in the eyes of law.


Arjun cannot file a suit for recovery because it is not maintainable in the eye of law.

Concept: Contract Law
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