Legal Principle Where the Parents of a Minor Child Due to Their Negligence Allow the Child an Opportunity to Commit a Tort, the Parents Are Liable. - Legal Reasoning


LEGAL PRINCIPLE Where the parents of a minor child due to their negligence allow the child an opportunity to commit a tort, the parents are liable.

FACTUAL SITUATION The father supplied an airgun to his son who was about to turn 18 next month. After some complaints of mischief. the father took the gun away and placed it in a corner of their storeroom which was used by the family to store surplus and other unnecessary stuff. The son took it out of the store and shot A. A sued his father. Is the father liable? DECISION


  • No, he took all necessary steps to prevent the son from using the gun

  • Yes, he was the one who gave the gun and allowed him to use it by giving an opportunity

  • No, the son was almost 17 years and 11 months of age; hence, he could think about his well being and interest

  • Yes, the father was negligent in disposing of the gun



No, he took all necessary steps to prevent the son from using the gun


Father is not liable because he has taken all the  necessary steps to prevent his son from using that gun.

Concept: Contract Law
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