Legal Principle: Attempt is an Act Done with an Intent to Commit Crime, and Forming Part of the Series of Acts Which Would Constitute Actual Commission of the Crime, If Not Interrupted. - Legal Reasoning


Given below is a statement of legal principle followed by a factual situation. Apply the principle to the facts given below and select the most appropriate answer.

LEGAL PRINCIPLE: Attempt is an act done with an intent to commit crime, and forming part of the series of acts which would constitute actual commission of the crime, if not interrupted.

FACTUAL SITUATION: A intending to murder B by poison purchases poison and mixes the same with a glass of water. He gave to the bearer to serve B. The bearer while approaching B, loses the balance and the glass drops out of his tray. DECISION:


  • A has not committed any offence

  • A has committed the offence of murder

  • A has committed the offence of attempt to murder

  • A has not committed an offence to murder because nothing happened to B



A has committed the offense of attempt to murder

Concept: Criminal Law
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