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Legal Principle: a Right to Action Cannot Arise Out of Illegal Activity. - Legal Reasoning


Given below is a statement of legal principle followed by a factual situation. Apply the principle to the facts given below and select the most appropriate answer.

Legal Principle: A right to action cannot arise out of illegal activity.

Factual Situation: A and B were thieve- engaged in stealing cars and other vehicles once they stole a car, and while driving off they had to cross a city. They engaged a drive: to drive them through the city since they did not know the route inside. The indicator lamp of the car was not working and the thieves have not realized this, and therefore, had not told about it to the driver. While driving, through the city, the car was hit by another vehicle because of the faulty indicator. In the accident, the driver was injured and he filed a sue: against A and B.



  • The driver would lose, because he was driving a stolen car.

  • The driver would win because he was not a party to the stealing of car.

  • The driver would win because he did not know anything about the stealing

  • None of the above answers is correct.

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The driver would win because he was not a party to the stealing of car.

Concept: Criminal Law
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