Solution - Legacy of Partition - Challenge of 'Refugee' Resettlement, the Kashmir Problem



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Analyse any six consequences of the partition of India in 1947.


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Identity any two consequences of the partition of India 1947.

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Two developments strained this relationship. China annexed Tibet in 1950 and thus removed a historical buffer between the two countries. Initially, the government of India did not oppose this openly. But as more information came in about the suppression of Tibetan culture, the Indian government grew uneasy. The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, sought and obtained political asylum in India in 1959. China alleged that the government of India was allowing anti-: China activities to take place from within India.

Read the above passage carefully and answer the following questions:-

What is meant by 'historical buffer?

Why didn't Government of India oppose the annexation of Tibet by China?

How far was it justified on the part of India to grant political asylum to the Dalai Lama and thousands of Tibetan refugees?

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Why do some people feel that Article 370 should be revoked?

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Explain the circumstances that forced the Tibetans to leave China. Highlight India's role in helping the Tibetan refugees.

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