Social Science: Challenges to Democracy - Concept for Democracy Be Reformed and Deepened


"Lack of internal democracy within parties is the major challenge to political parties all over the world." Analyse the statement.



This statement implies that regular elections are not held for various party positions and all the major policy decisions pertaining to the party are taken only by a few prominent members. Parties fail to establish link with its members operating at the grass-roots level. There is no adequate discussion or deliberation before making any decision and the ordinary members fail to influence the decision making of the party. Parties in such a scenario work in a secretive manner or behind the curtains with only a few members assuming important role. This lack of internal democracy encourages nepotism and favouritism, which is detrimental to the very essence of democracy.

Concept: Concept for Democracy Be Reformed and Deepened
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2014-2015 (March) Delhi Set 1

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