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‘K.S. Energy Ltd.’ Was a Energy Efficiency Consultancy Company. to Get the Business the Team Leader and His Team Used to Travel to Different States to Give Presentation to Their Clients - Business Studies

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‘K.S. Energy Ltd.’ was a energy efficiency consultancy company. To get the business the team leader and his team used to travel to different states to give presentation to their clients. As per the policy of the company, the team leader used to travel by air, whereas his team travelled by road/train. It was not only time consuming but also at times forced female team members to travel alone. As a result, the subordinates were not acting in a desired manner to achieve organizational goals. The CEO came to know about it. He called the team leader, discussed the matter with him and changed the travel policy of the company. It was decided that all the members including the leader would travel together in future and would usefully utilize the travelling time in discussion with the subordinates about the presentation to be given to the clients. This made a positive impact and
every member of the team started acting in a manner as desired by the team leader.

State the features of the element of the function of management used by the CEO.

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“Motivation” is the element of function of management used in the given scenario. A variation in travel policies changes the perspective of employees towards organization and resulted in better utilization of time by the employees. All employees started feel equal and this increased their belongingness with the organization.

Features of motivation can be highlighted using following points.
i. Motivation is an invisible force – Motivation is a feeling of belongingness inside and employee. It cannot be seen or touched. But, its results can clearly be felt among the employees through their performance.

ii. Motivation helps in achieving goals- Motivation is a positive awakening force that increases the productivity and quality standards of work done by employees.

iii. Motivation can also be negative- A positive motivation can take the form of appraisal or promotion. On the other hand, negative motivation can take the form of pay-cut, demotion etc.

iv. Motivation is not a simple process – All employees get motivated for different reasons at different times. Some employees get motivated by appreciation whereas some employees get motivated by appraisals.

Concept: Concept of Management
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