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Keeping Other Factors Fixed, It is Found Experimentally that for Small Thickness T, the Number of α-particles Scattered at Moderate Angles is Proportional to T. What Clue Does this Linear Dependence on T Provide? - Physics

Answer the following questions, which help you understand the difference between Thomson’s model and Rutherford’s model better.

Keeping other factors fixed, it is found experimentally that for small thickness t, the number of α-particles scattered at moderate angles is proportional to t. What clue does this linear dependence on provide?


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Scattering is mainly due to single collisions. The chances of a single collision increases linearly with the number of target atoms. Since the number of target atoms increase with an increase in thickness, the collision probability depends linearly on the thickness of the target.

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NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook
Chapter 12 Atoms
Q 11.3 | Page 436
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