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Kavya Had Been Working with ‘Reliable Ltd.’ for the Last Ten Years A. Identify the Function of Management Being Performed by Garima. B. Name the Elements of the Above Function of Management Which Helped Garima to Improve Kavya’S Behaviour C. State Any Three Features of the Element Identified in (B) Above. - Business Studies

Kavya had been working with ‘Reliable Ltd.’ for the last ten years. She was famous for her dedication towards the work. When the manager senior to her retired, all her colleagues thought that now Kavya would be promoted. But to everyone’s surprise, the vacant post was filled by an outsider ‘Miss Garima’. Because of this, Kavya felt demoralised and her performance started declining. She would absent herself often and could not meet her targets.
Miss Garima was a good leader who would not only instruct her subordinates but also guide and inspire them. She noticed Kavya’s behaviour and felt that her performance could be improved. She started involving Kavya in decision-making issues related to the organisation and made her a member of a high-level joint management committee. Kavya was now punctual to an office and her performance started improving

a. Identify the function of management being performed by Garima.

b. Name the elements of the above function of management which helped Garima to improve Kavya’s behaviour

c. State any three features of the element identified in (b) above.

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a. Garima has performed the directing function of management.

b. Kavya's behaviour has been improved through motivation.

c. Features of motivation:

  • Motivation is an internal feeling which influences an individual’s psychology such that he is induced to perform better. For instance, the desire for the higher salary, respect and recognition.
  • Motivation induces employees to work towards the desired goals and objectives. In other words, it implies encouraging workers to work to the best of their capabilities towards the common goals and objectives of the organisation.
  • Motivation can be both positive and negative. Positive motivation can be in the form of increment, bonus, rewards, incentives or promotions. In contrast, negative motivation can be in the form of warnings or demotions.
Concept: Concept of Staffing
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