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Kaul Consultants Have Launched Www.Naukaripao.Com Exclusively for Senior Management Professionals. the Portal Lists Out Senior Level - Business Studies

Answer in Brief

Kaul Consultants have launched exclusively for senior management professionals. The portal lists out senior level jobs and ensures that the job is genuine through rigorous screening process.
a. State the source of recruitment highlighted in the case above.
b. State four benefits of the above identified source of recruitment.

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a) The source of recruitment highlighted in the case above is external source of recruitment. The consultants have launched a website and advertised for their posts.

b) The benefits of the external source of recruitment are as follows:-

• Quality talent- By advertising for such senior level jobs, the company will be able to attract the skilful people who have experiences in this field.

• Wider Choice- When vacancies are advertised widely, it attracts a large number of applicants all over the place. So they can get the best skilful people from a wide area.

• Fresh Talent- This will enable the organisation to select best talented staffs for their jobs not merely depending on the existing staffs.

• Competitive Spirit- When fresh talents are being selected as new employees, the existing staff will compete even harder with the new talents to prove their worth. It will increase the productivity of the organisation.

Concept: Staffing - Recruitment Process
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