Kamala Would like to Complete All Her Homework Before 10 Pm. in Order to Watch an Important Tv Program. She Has 40 Min Assignment in Each of Her Five Subjects. What is the Latest Time at Which She Can - Logical Reasoning

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Kamala would like to complete all her homework before 10 pm. in order to watch an important TV program. She has 40 min assignment in each of her five subjects. What is the latest time at which she can start and still complete work in time for the program?


  • 6:40 pm

  • 6:30 pm

  • 7:10 pm

  • 7:20 pm

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6: 40 pm
Total time spend on the assignments by the Kamala = 40 x 5 = 200 min = 3: 20 h
Hence, she can start the work at = 10: 00 - 3: 20 = 6: 40 pm

Concept: Ranking (Entrance Exam)
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