Justify the following statement. E-business allows users to work across the globe in any field. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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Justify the following statement.

E-business allows users to work across the globe in any field.



  1.  e-business i.e. electronic business may be defined as the application of information and technologies to support all the activities of the business. It involves electronic buying and supply, chain management, process orders electronically, online payments via debit or credit cards, handling customer service, etc.
  2. In order to begin with e-business, a business owner must have an internet presence. He has to obtain an e-mail address for communicating the same to the customers and other business associates. This helps in speedy communication between business firms and customers.
    Communication is easy as there is no face to face interaction.
  3. Once the owner of e-business has acquired an electronic means of contact, he may sell goods to the customers residing in any part of the world. There is no need for any wholesalers, retailers, etc. This reduces costs and increases profit. In e-business, goods can be purchased on the internet from any place across the globe, payments can be made with the help of debt, credit card, internet banking, and the goods are physically delivered at the doorstep of the buyer.
  4. Similarly, he can do trading in any field. e-business uses the internet to connect people and processes. The World Wide Web (WWW) offers a lot of exposure to e-business on a global platform. The international relationship is very strong in e-business. The Government also offers a lot of support to e-business. Thus, it allows one to work across the globe in any field he likes.
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