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John Lent Rs. 2550 to Mohan at 7.5 Percent per Annum. If Mohan Discharges the Debt After 8 Months by Giving an Old Black and White Television and Rs. 1422.50; Find the Price of the Television. - Mathematics


John lent Rs. 2550 to Mohan at 7.5 percent per annum. If Mohan discharges the debt after 8 months by giving an old black and white television and Rs. 1422.50; find the price of the television.

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P = Rs.2550

R = 7.5%

T = 8 months =`8/12` years

`=2/3` years

S.I. =`("P"xx"R"xx"T")/100`

= Rs. `2550xx7.5xx2/3xx1/100`

= Rs. `(2550xx7.5xx2)/(3xx100)`

= Rs. `(2500xx5)/100`

= Rs.`12750/100`

= Rs.127.50

Amount = P + I

= Rs.2550 + Rs.127.50

= Rs.2677.50

Mohan paid in cash = Rs.1422.50

Price of the television

= Amount − Paid in cash

= Rs.2677.50 − Rs.1422.50

= Rs.1255

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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 9 Interest
Exercise 9 (A) | Q 14 | Page 106
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