Jatin Approached Martin to Purchase a Plot of Land from Him. Martin Was Under the Impression that Jatin Required the Land for Constructing a House for Himself What Should Be Jatin Do Next? - Legal Reasoning


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Principle: A contract the consent to which is induced by a false account or idea can be avoided by the deceived party.

Facts: Jatin approached Martin to purchase a plot of land from him. Martin was under the impression that Jatin required the land for constructing a house for himself and therefore, told Jatin that a real estate group was about to start a residential project in the vicinity of the plot; though he was himself doubtful of the same. Jatin, however, wanted to purchase the plot as he had been instructed by his elder brother to do so. Jatin entered into a contract to purchase the plot for a sum of Rupees thirty-five lacs and a few days later he came to know that the information given to him by Martin in respect of the residential project was false.

What should be Jatin do next?


  • Jatin can avoid the contract.

  • Jatin cannot avoid the contract.

  • Jatin can claim damages from Martin.

  • Jatin's brother can claim damages from Martin.



Jatin can avoid the contract.
As per the legal principle, Jatin can avoid the contract as it was based on doubtful or false ideas.

Concept: Indian Contract Act (Entrance Exams)
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