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It Was Cold, Foggy Morning - the Dog - Snoopy – Reluctant to Come Out of Its Bed – Just Then Suddenly…… - English - Communicative

It was cold, foggy morning - the dog - Snoopy – reluctant to come out of its bed – just then suddenly……..

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It was a cold lazy Sunday morning and Snoopy refused to come out of his bed even though Peter called him several times for their Sunday morning jog. Suddenly there was a loud thud outside
Snoopy's kennel. As he opened his lazy eyes, he saw two fat paws scratching his kennel. It must be Snowball, the cat, he thought. He decided to scare the cat by barking at it suddenly. Snoopy jumped outside his kennel and started barking at what he thought was Snowball. As he looked up, he realised that it was not the cat but a huge Grizzly bear that had entered their lawn. Peter rushed from behind and grabbed Snoopy by the neck and fled from the place before the bear could attack them both.

Concept: Writing Skill
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