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It is Said that the Assumptions of Kinetic Theory Are Good for Gases Having Low Densities. Suppose a Container is So Evacuated that Only One Molecule is Left in It. - Physics

Short Note

It is said that the assumptions of kinetic theory are good for gases having low densities. Suppose a container is so evacuated that only one molecule is left in it. Which of the assumptions of kinetic theory will not be valid for such a situation? Can we assign a temperature to this gas?

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Two postulates of kinetic theory will not be valid in this case. These are given below:

1. All gases are made up of molecules moving randomly in all directions
2. When a gas is left for a sufficient time, it comes to a steady state. The density and the distribution of molecules with different velocities are independent of position, direction and time. 

Concept: Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation - Kinetic Interpretation of Temperature
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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 2 Kinetic Theory of Gases
Short Answers | Q 9 | Page 32
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