It is Argued that Prosperity Depends Upon Production Which Means More Production More Consumption. - Logical Reasoning

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It is argued that prosperity depends upon production which means more production more consumption. However, it is not the case. Consumption should be need-based. Just as the intake of food in excess of digestion is pointless so also the consumption of natural resources beyond requirement is pointless.
Which of the following statements, if true, contradicts the spirit of the passage?


  • Prosperity without consumption is ideal

  • Prosperity without consumption is shallow

  • Prosperity is possible when natural resources are not abused

  • To increase consumption we cannot have any alibi

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Prosperity without consumption is shallow


'Prosperity without consumption is shallow' says without consumption prosperity is shallow i.e. consumption is important to prosperity.  Hence, 'Prosperity without consumption is shallow' contradicts spirit of the passage.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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