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It Has Been the Practice to Have _____ as the Managing Director of the Imf. - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


It has been the practice to have _____ as the Managing  Director of the IMF.


  • an American

  • a European

  • an Australian

  • an Arab

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It has been the practice to have a European as the Managing  Director of the IMF.


The IMF is led by a managing director, who is head of the staff and serves as Chairman of the Executive  Board. The managing director is assisted by a First  Deputy managing director and three other Deputy  Managing Directors. Historically the IMF's managing director has been European and the president of the  World Bank has been from the United States. However, this standard is increasingly being questioned and competition for these two posts may soon open up to include other qualified candidates from any part of the world.

Concept: General Science (Entrance Exam)
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