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It is Easy to Advise Others Not to Worry, but Difficult for Oneself to Follow the Same. Narrate an Experience Which Made You Realise the Truth of this Statement. - English

Answer in Brief

It is easy to advise others not to worry, but difficult for oneself to follow the same. Narrate an experience which made you realise the truth of this statement. 

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adivse – always easy – friends or relatives – personal life, professional life or educational life – personal life of friends – love, betrayed, robbery etc- professional life of friends – colleagues harrassment, no promotion, no increment, more workload etc – difficult to follow the same – we personally experience the pain – it difficult to follow – understand but can’t follow – my personal example – once my friends colleague harrassed her a lot – convinced her – told her – asked her to ignore by giving different examples  she suddenl agreed – but when my colleague harrassed me for a few days I asked the reason with a strong note – harrrassed her  - finally she apologised – I forgive – She realised – I made her realise – finally I realised convincing others is easy but following the same is difficult.

Concept: Writing
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