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"Issues of Caste Discrimination Began to Be Written About in Many Printed Tracts and Essays in India in the Late Nineteenth Century." Support the Statement with Two Suitable Examples. - Social Science

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Short Note

"Issues of caste discrimination began to be written about in many printed tracts and essays in India in the late nineteenth century." Support the statement with two suitable examples.

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Jyotiba Phule was the Maratha leader of ‘low caste’ protest movements. He wrote about the inequalities of the caste system in his work called Gulamgiri in 1871.

E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker and B.R. Ambedkar wrote about caste-based discrimination in society. Their works were popular all over the country.

Regional protest movements and parties also published many periodicals and articles condemning the religious writings and foreseeing a new outlook.

Kashibaba, a millworker in Kanpur authored Chhote Aur Bade Ka Sawal in 1938 to show the relations between class and caste mistreatment.

Cotton mill workers of Bangalore started libraries to educate themselves in 1930; the same was first initiated by the Bombay mill workers.

Concept: Inequalities in a Triangle
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