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Is There Any Change in the Hybridisation of B and N Atoms as a Result of the Following Reaction? - Chemistry

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Is there any change in the hybridisation of B and N atoms as a result of the following reaction?

BF3 + NH3 → F3B.NH3

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Solution 1

Boron atom in BF3 is sp2 hybridized. The orbital picture of boron in the excited state can be shown as:

Nitrogen atom in NH3 is sp3 hybridized. The orbital picture of nitrogen can be represented as:

After the reaction has occurred, an adduct F3B⋅NH3 is formed as hybridization of ‘B’ changes to sp3. However, the hybridization of ‘N’ remains intact.

Solution 2

In BF3, B atom is sp2 hybridised. In NH3, N is sphybridised. After the reaction, hybridisation of B changes from sp2 to sp3.

Concept: Hybridisation - Hybridisation of Elements Involving d Orbitals
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry
Chapter 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Q 26 | Page 130

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