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Is It Necessary to Have Two Waves of Equal Intensity to Study Interference Pattern? Will There Be an Effect on Clarity If the Waves Have Unequal Intensity? - Physics

Answer in Brief

Is it necessary to have two waves of equal intensity to study interference pattern? Will there be an effect on clarity if the waves have unequal intensity?

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Interference pattern can be studied with waves of unequal intensity.

\[I =I_1 + I_2 + 2\sqrt{\left[ I_1 \times I_2 \right]}\cos\left( \phi \right),\]


\[\phi =\text{ phase difference}\]

In case of waves of unequal intensities, the contrast will not be clear, as the minima will not be completely dark.

Concept: Introduction of Wave Optics
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 17 Light Waves
Short Answers | Q 7 | Page 379
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