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Interview Questions :A Well Known Child Activist and Nobel Prize Winner Mr. - English

Answer in Brief

Interview Questions :
A well known Child activist and Nobel Prize winner Mr. Kailash Satyarthi is the Chief guest of your annual function. You Aditya/Adity have been assigned to take his interview. Prepare a set of 8 questions to take his interview. You may ask questions on …His childhood, his education, beginning of the career, obstacles in the career, role model, his
feelings being a Nobel Prize winner and his future plans, message for the youngsters.

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Aditya : Respected sir , First of all I would like to welcome you our school. We are very honored to have you as our chief guest. You have been a role model to many students.

Kailash Satyarthi : Thank you Aditya, it's my pleasure.

Aditya : So sir starting our program first of all I would like to ask you were are you from? where were you born and spent your childhood.

KS : Well I was born in Haryana and spent my childhood there. Later I moved to New Delhi to continue my work as a child activist.

Aditya : What about your Education ?

KS: I completed my schooling in Haryana. After that I pursued Arts in New Delhi.

Aditya : How did you started your work as a child activist?

KS: well from my early days in college I used to participate in different programs. That gave me the inspiration to become a child activist that I am today.

Aditya : Did you faced any obstacle in your work as a child activist?

KS : Yeah, too many. The biggest obstacles was my family. They used to tell me stop this protests and get a real job which actually pays. But I never listened to them and continue my journey as a child activist.

Aditya : Well sir would you mind telling us something about your family?

KS: Well I have a wife, a son and a daughter. Both of them are studying in college.

Aditya : Who was your role model?

KS : Mahatma Gandhi. He has always inspired me with his work and simplicity.

Aditya : How do you feel after winning the Nobel prize?

KS : I feel honored. It's been a wonderful feeling to make your country proud at an international level.

Aditya : What are your future plans sir ?

KS : I will continue my journey as child activist and inspire others as long as I can.

Aditya : Thank you very much for your time sir, any messages you want to give to to the youngster?

KS : Well I would like to tell them that always believe in yourselves. Be kind to others. Be a giver. And follow your dreams.


Interview Questions
• Write proper greetings and introduction before the interview questions.
• Write minimum 8 quality questions with a proper sequential flow and inter-relation among them.
• Include all types of questions.
• It’s very essential to write proper conclusion after the questionnaire.
Marking Scheme
• Appropriate beginning / ending 01
• Use of appropriate quality questions 02
• Use of appropriate grammatical structure and tense 02

Concept: Writing Skill
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