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Internationally High Rise Walls Serve as Street (A) Paintings (B) Canvasses. in Delhi and Gurgaon Artists Have (A) Earmarked (B) - English Language


In the following sentence, there are pairs of highlighted words (A, B).  Select the most appropriate words to form correct sentences. Then from the options given select the correct option.

Internationally high rise walls serve as street (A) paintings (B) canvasses. In Delhi and Gurgaon artists have (A) earmarked (B) earmark a district and after civic authority (A) compliance, (B) grant transformed it into a throbbing art district. A walk through the (A) installment (B) installations for public interaction is (A) instituted (B) envisaged. It is hoped that this will discourage defiling the city’s public places.
The correct sequence should be:






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1st sentence: High rise walls stand as canvasses where art can be portrayed.
2nd sentence: ‘have’ is an auxiliary which requires a verb in the past tense
3rd sentence: ‘compliance’ of civic authority would make the project easier to do for the artists. It is clear that the artists did not need any monetary ‘grant’ for the purpose.
4th sentence: artworks are ‘installations’ as they are placed or installed somewhere. ‘Instalment’ means the part of a whole done or paid in one go.
5th sentence: a walk through the installations is being considered or conceived or ‘envisaged’.

BAABB is the correct option.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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