Solution - Show that the Angular Width of the First Diffraction Fringe is Half that of the Central Fringe. - Interference of Light Waves and Young’S Experiment



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Show that the angular width of the first diffraction fringe is half that of the central fringe.


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The intensity at the central maxima in Young’s double slit experiment is I0. Find out the intensity at a point where the path difference is` lambda/6,lambda/4 and lambda/3.`

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In a double slit experiment using light of wavelength 600 nm, the angular width of the fringe formed on a distant screen is 0.1°. Find the spacing between the two slits.

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(i) In Young's double-slit experiment, deduce the condition for (a) constructive and (b) destructive interferences at a point on the screen. Draw a graph showing variation of intensity in the interference pattern against position 'x' on the screen.

(b) Compare the interference pattern observed in Young's double-slit experiment with single-slit diffraction pattern, pointing out three distinguishing features.

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Show that the fringe pattern on the screen is actually a superposition of slit diffraction from each slit.

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Derive an expression for path difference in Young’s double slit experiment and obtain the conditions for constructive and destructive interference at a point on the screen.

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