Solution - Interference of Light Waves and Young’S Experiment



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Show that the fringe pattern on the screen is actually a superposition of slit diffraction from each slit.


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Show that the angular width of the first diffraction fringe is half that of the central fringe.

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What is the effect on the fringe width if the distance between the slits is reduced keeping other parameters same?

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The ratio of the intensities at minima to the maxima in the Young's double slit experiment is 9 : 25. Find the ratio of the widths of the two slits.

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In Young's double slit experiment, describe briefly how bright and dark fringes are obtained on the screen kept in front of a double slit. Hence obtain the expression for the fringe width.

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In Young' s experiment the ratio of intensity at the maxima and minima . in the interference pattern is 36 : 16. What is the ratio of the widths of the two slits?

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