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Information Transfer: Verbal to Non-verbalread the Following Paragraph and Prepare a Tree-digram - English


Information Transfer: Verbal to Non-verbal
Read the following paragraph and prepare a tree-digram using the information given in the paragraph.
Quite often it is your family and friends who are the only source of solace in times of tension and confusion. Whether it is the time of exams, results and admission, school issues or a misunderstanding with a dear friend, you will notice
that your family members might want you to share your worries with them. One great advantage about sharing problems with your family members is that they actually care about your happiness. Your problem will not go beyond the people whom you are confiding in and will ensure that you are relieved of the stress and worries besides being the source of practical solutions for your problems.The relief it brings is immense not just for you but also for them as they would be the happiest to see you relaxed and calm. This is what makes family bonding
special. Situations such as these can bring you closer to your siblings and make you realise that such oneness is unique and special.

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Verbal to Non-verbal :
• Read the paragraph carefully and sort out the important points.
• Incorporate the points in the given format.
• Use pen/pencil to draw but write answers using a pen.
• Do not add your own points in the information given.
Marking Scheme :
* Title                                                           01
* Covering all points                                    02
* Appropriate graphic/layout                      01
* Overall Presentation                                 01

Concept: Writing Skill
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