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After a brief medical examination a healthy couple came to know that both of them are unable to produce functional gametes and should look for an 'ART' (Assisted Reproductive Technique). Name the 'ART' and the procedure involved that you can suggest to them to help them bear a child. 


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An infertile couple is advised to adopt test-tube baby programme. Describe two principle procedures adopted for such technologies.

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Correct the following statements:

In E. T. techniques, embryos are always transferred into the uterus.

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A large number of married couples the world over are childless. It is shocking to know that in India the female partner is often blamed for the couple being childless.
(a) Why in your opinion the female partner is often blamed for such situations in India? Mention any two values that you as a biology student can promote to check this social evil.
(b) State any two reasons responsible for the cause of infertility.
(c) Suggest a technique that can help the couple to have a child where the problem is with male partner

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State True/False with explanation

Infertility is defined as the inability to produce a viable offspring and is always due to abnormalities/defects in the female partner. (True/False)

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Suggest some methods to assist infertile couples to have children.

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