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AB and CD are respectively the smallest and longest sides of a quadrilateral ABCD (see the given figure). Show that ∠A > ∠C and ∠B > ∠D.


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A: where there are different slides and swings for children,

B: near which a man-made lake is situated,

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Where should an ice-cream parlour be set up so that maximum number of persons can approach it?

(Hint: The parlor should be equidistant from A, B and C)

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In a triangle locate a point in its interior which is equidistant from all the sides of the triangle.

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In the given figure sides AB and AC of ΔABC are extended to points P and Q respectively. Also, ∠PBC < ∠QCB. Show that AC > AB.

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Solution for concept: Inequalities in a Triangle. For the course 8th-10th CBSE