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India Has a Single Integrated Judicial System that is Independent and Supreme. List Any Four Write that the High Court Can Issue for the Enforcement of Fundamental Rights. - History and Civics

Short Note

India has a single integrated judicial system that is Independent and Supreme. With reference to the Judiciary,
answer the following : 

List any four write that the High Court can issue for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights.

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Under Article 226, If fundamental rights are violated of any citizen of India, then following write petition can be made for remedy.
1. Habeas corpus : Illegally detained person presented before court within 24 hours.
2. Mandamus : Order issued by higher court to lower court if public official not performing his duty.
3. Prohibition : can be said as “Stay order” Issued to lower court. The hig court and supreme court can issue this write.
4. Certiorari : Transfer of particular matter to higher court when error of jurisdiction or law is believed to be committed. It is curative write.

Concept: High Courts -enforcement of Fundamental Rights and Writs.
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