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In Your View What Motivates Youngsters to Take to Alcohol Or Drugs and How Can this Be Avoided - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Biology

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In your view what motivates youngsters to take to alcohol or drugs and how can this be avoided?


Many factors are responsible for motivating youngsters towards alcohol or drugs. Curiosity, need for adventure and excitement, experimentation are the initial causes of motivation. Some youngsters start consuming drugs and alcohol in order to overcome negative emotions (such as stress, pressure, depression, frustration) and to excel in various fields. Several mediums like television, internet, newspaper, movies etc. are also responsible for promoting the idea of alcohol to the younger generation. Amongst these factors, reasons such as unstable and unsupportive family structures and peer pressure can also lead an individual to be dependant on drugs and alcohol.

Preventive measures against addiction of alcohol and drugs:

(a) Parents should motivate and try to increase the will power of their child.

(b) Parents should educate their children about the ill-effects of alcohol. They should provide them with proper knowledge and counselling regarding the consequences of addiction to alcohol.

(c) It is the responsibility of the parent to discourage a child from experimenting with alcohol. Youngsters should be kept away from the company of friends who consume drugs.

(d) Children should be encouraged to devote their energy in other extra- curricular and recreational activities.

(e) Proper professional and medical help should be provided to a child if sudden symptoms of depression and frustration are observed.

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 NCERT Solution for Biology Textbook for Class 12 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 8: Human Health and Disease
Q: 17 | Page no. 164
Solution In Your View What Motivates Youngsters to Take to Alcohol Or Drugs and How Can this Be Avoided Concept: Drugs and Alcohol Abuse - Prevention and Control.
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