In Which Region of India Was the Suharawadi Order of Sufism Popular? - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


In which region of India was the Suharawadi order of Sufism popular?


  • Delhi and Bihar

  • Delhi and Doab region

  • Punjab and Sind

  • Around Ajmer



Punjab and Sind

Concept: History Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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Which was the first Indian state to establish the institution of Lokayukta?

Which one of the following four vedas contains an account of magical charms and spells?

Upanished are books on

Who among the following, destroyed the group of Forty Nobles?

Match the following

  List I   List II
A Second Battle of Panipat 1 Decline of Vijaynagar
B Second Battle of Terrain 2 British rule in India
C Battle of Talikota 3 Turkish rule in India
D Battle of Plassey 4 Mughal rule in India
    5 Slave dynasty in India


  A B C D
(a) 2 3 4 1
(b) 5 3 2 1
(c) 3 1 2 4
(d) 4 3 1 2

The Ghadar Movement was founded by

The book 'Unto this Last' which influenced Gandhi was authored by

The pioneer of Indian Renaissance was

 Through which educational report Calcutta University came into existence?

Which of the following laid the foundation of the British Civil Service in India?

Gandhiji give the call 'Do or Die' during

The Red Fort in Delhi was built by

The Chipko Movement is associated with

Which one of the following began with Dandi March?

Which of the following rulers was illiterate?

Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to introduce the practice of 'Sijda'?

Who said that Swaraj is my birth right?

The first venture of Mahatma Gandhi in all India politics was

The famous queen Chand Bibi who fought gallantly against  Akbar belonged to

Which among the following 18th century Indian rulers has been called 'Plato of his tribe'?

March 23 is observed as Martyrs Day to commemorate the death anniversary of which Indian freedom fighters?

Who was made the Nawab of Bengal following the Battle of Plassey?

When did the Indian Army liberate Goa from the Portuguese and declare it a Union Territory?

Where did Lord Mahavira attain salvation?

Which of the following place where the Constituent Assembly met for the first time on 9th December 1946?

_______ is a palace in Jaipur, built by Sawai Pratap Singh.

Who was the first Mughal emperor?

Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in ______.

Kashi Vishwanath corridor has been inaugurated in which city?


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