In Which of the Following States in Rangauathitta Bird Sanctuary Located? - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


In which of the following states in Rangauathitta Bird Sanctuary located?


  • Tamil Nadu

  • Kerala

  • Karnataka

  • Andhra Pradesh




Concept: Static General Knowledge (Entrance Exam)
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Mauritius called the [1] an "illegal colonial occupier" after it ignored a UN-mandated deadline to return the [2] Islands, a small archipelago in the Indian Ocean, to Mauritius. The United Nations had given [1] six months to process the transfer. Mauritius has argued that the [2] Islands has been a part of its territory since at least the 18th century, till the [1] broke the archipelago away from Mauritius in 1965 and the islands of Aldabra, Farquhar, and Desroches from Seychelles in the region to form British Indian Ocean Territory. In June 1976, after Seychelles gained independence from the [1], the islands of Aldabra, Farquhar, and Desroches were returned by the [1]. After independence, Mauritius had proposed an exchange allowing the [1] to let the [3] use the [2] Islands for defense purposes till those needs ceased, in exchange for increasing the quota of sugar imports into the [3], a move that would contribute to Mauritius' economy. The [1] rejected the proposal stating that the [3] could not be involved in any treaty despite using the islands themselves.

Which of the following is a factually accurate statement in relation to Mauritius?

Choose the most appropriate option:

The maximum number of 'Smokeless Villages' are found in the State of:

Choose the most appropriate option:

Who was crowned as the winner of Femina Miss India 2016 and who will represent India at the Miss World pageant?

Which of these international tennis events is played on a grass court?

Who is the author of the book "Glimpses of World History"?

Which of the following beaches is visited by Olive Ridley turtles annually for mass nesting?

Ebrahim Alkazi is a well-known personality from the field of

Which amongst the following international organisations deals with 'Refugees'?

Taikonaut means 

Australian cricketer Brett Lee models for which watch company?

The present Committee on Centre-State Relations in India is  headed by

The country that gets the highest percentage of electricity from nuclear power stations is

Red Cross is an international society for the relief of suffering in  the time of war or disaster which has headquarters at Geneva was founded in 1863 on the advocacy of

Which of the following mountains have the oldest rocks in India?

An indigenous nuclear submarine still under construction  has been named as

The first-ever formula one race in India was held in 

Match List I with List-II and select the correct answer using  the codes given below the lists


List I (Person)


List-II (Position)

(a) Nagendra Singh


Chief Election Commissioner of India

 (b) SH Kapadia 


President of the International  Court of Justice
(c) NR Madhava Menon


Former Chief Justice of India
(d) VS Sampath


Legal educator and FounderDirector of National Law  School of India University

Which of the following countries impeached its Chief Justice recently?

The latest country to launch a satellite during January 2013  from its soil and join the club of space faring nations is

Which country was chosen to chair Partnership in Population and Development (PPD) for the year 2015?


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