In What Way Do the Coalition Governments Prove to Be More Democratic than the Oneparty Governments? - Political Science

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In what way do the coalition governments prove to be more democratic than the oneparty governments?

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Coalition governments more democratic than the one-party government:-

  • Eliminates the fear of one-party dominance
  • Due representation given to different groups and regions
  • Parties come together to discuss various issues
  • Regional aspirations of various regions are considered and dealt with

A large number of political parties always contested the elections in our country. Our Parliament always had representatives from several political parties. After 1989, there was the emergence of several parties in such a way that one or two parties did not get most votes or seats, i.e. no single party secured a clear majority of seats in any Lok Sabha election held since 1989. This situation initiated an era of coalition governments at the Centre wherein regional parties played a crucial role in forming ruling alliances.

Concept: Coalition Governments - NDA (1998 - 2004) UPA (2004 - 2014) NDA (2014 Onwards)
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