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In this Question, There Are Two Or More Statements Along with Few Conclusions Deduced from the Statements. You Are Required to Answer on the Basis of the Statements and the Conclusions. - Logical Reasoning



In this question, there are two or more statements along with few conclusions deduced from the statements. You are required to answer on the basis of the statements and the conclusions. Make the factual assumptions required by the question even if you believe the statement is actually false.

Statement 1: All whales are fish.

Statement 2: Some fish are not amphibians.

Statement 3: All whales are amphibians.

Statement 4: Some amphibians are not fish.

(A) Some fish are amphibians.
(B) Some amphibians are fish.
(C) Only whales are both fish and amphibians.
(D) All amphibians are fish.

Assuming only that Statements 1. 2, 3 and 4 are true, which of the above conclusions may be deduced?


  • Only (A) and (B)

  • Only (C)

  • Only (D)

  • None of the above

Solution 1

None of the above

Solution 2

A and B can be concluded, whales are both fish and amphibians is correct but only whales are both fish and amphibians is incorrect. So, Only (A) and (B) is the correct option.

Concept: Statement and Assumption (Entrance Exam)
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