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In this Question, Read the Given Argument Or Statement Carefully, Making Any Factual Assumptions Necessary. Then Choose the Best Answer Out Of The Four Choices to the Question Asked - Logical Reasoning



In this question, read the given argument or statement carefully, making any factual assumptions necessary. Then choose the best answer out of the four choices to the question asked. Note that not all the facts given will be relevant for determining the answer.

`It took many centuries before the countries of Europe could resolve their internal problems of violence and corruption to become the stable nation-states they are. Therefore, it will take many centuries for India to achieve internal stability.'

Assuming that the factual claims in the argument above are hue, what must be assumed in order for the conclusion to follow?


  • Countries everywhere must follow the same paths towards stability.

  • India is gradually progressing towards internal stability.

  • Indian can learn how to achieve stability by studying Europe's example.

  • India has no hope of achieving stability in the near future.


Countries everywhere must follow the same paths towards stability.


A conclusion about the time that will be taken by India to achieve internal stability has been drawn on the basis of the data related to Europe. This may not be true unless the process of attaining internal stability follows a general pattern. Therefore, 'Countries everywhere must follow the same paths towards stability.' provides the correct assumption.

Concept: Statement and Assumption (Entrance Exam)
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