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In this Question, Assume that a Fact' Expresses Something that Can Be Proved by Clear and Objective Data. an Opinion Expresses a Judgment, View, Attitude, Or Conclusion that is Not Backed by Data. - Logical Reasoning



In this question, assume that a `fact' expresses something that can be proved by clear and objective data. An opinion expresses a judgment, view, attitude, or conclusion that is not backed by data.

Which one of the following statements, if true, is best described as an assertion of opinion rather than an assertion of fact?


  • Mumbai is larger than Pune.

  • Mumbai is smaller than Pune.

  • Mumbai is more cultured than Pure

  • Mumbai is more crowded than Pune.


Mumbai is more cultured than Pure


Whether Mumbai is larger or smaller than Pune can be verified. So, 'Mumbai is larger than Pune' and 'Mumbai is smaller than Pune' are facts. Similarly, whether Mumbai is more crowded than Pune can be verified and is a fact. A place being more cultured than the other is a subjective issue and opinions on this may vary from subject to subject. Thus, 'Mumbai is more cultured than Pune.' is an opinion.

Concept: Assertion (Entrance Exam)
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