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In the Question Given Below, Each Sentence is Labelled with a Letter. from the Given Choices, Choose the Most Logical Order of Sentence that Constructs a Coherent Paragraph. - English Language



In the question given below, each sentence is labelled with a letter. From the given choices, choose the most logical order of sentence that constructs a coherent paragraph.

  1. The responsible citizen helped to foil the plan of a hijack.
  2. The deep pockets of his leather jacket contained what had been feared!
  3. A person called up the airport and gave a message.
  4. All the passengers were carefully frisked, and one of them was asked to step aside.


  • BADC

  • CDBA

  • DACB

  • CDAB


The paragraph revolves around a person who helped to foil the plan of a hijack. But the paragraph cannot start with sentence A due to the definite article “the” used for ‘responsible citizen.’ We use the definite article (the) when we have already mentioned something, or when it is common knowledge. Thus, sentence A should come at the end. Clearly, it is a narrative paragraph. So, the narration should start with sentence C. Next comes sentence D. “His leather jacket” refers to the one who “was asked to step aside”. Thus, sentence B follows next. 
CDBA is the correct option.

Concept: Comprehension Passages (Entrance Exams)
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