In the Question Given Below, Each Sentence is Labelled with a Letter. from the Given Choices, Choose the Most Logical Order of Sentence that Constructs a Coherent Paragraph. - English Language


In the question given below, each sentence is labelled with a letter. From the given choices, choose the most logical order of sentence that constructs a coherent paragraph.

  1. Despite the awareness, some citizens fail to pay their taxes honestly.
  2. One of the factors that impact our country‘s economy is income- tax.
  3. Awareness regarding this aspect of our economy is often made through the education system and media.
  4. Most of these defaulters not only get into trouble, but they also create additional work for the income-tax department.


  • ADBC

  • CBAD

  • BCAD

  • BDAC



The paragraph talks about how our country’s economy is impacted by income-tax. Sentence B should start the paragraph as it introduces the theme. Also, sentence B does not contain any pronouns, transitive words, or connectors. “This aspect” refers to the importance of income-tax in affecting our country’s economy. So, sentence C should follow next. Clearly, sentence a and sentence C are connected because of ‘despite the awareness” and “awareness regarding.” Thus, sentence A follows next. “These defaulters” in sentence D refers to those citizens who failed to pay their taxes honestly. Thus, at the end comes sentence D.
BCDA is the correct sequence.

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