In the Case of the Factory, ___________ of that Factory Shall Be Liable to Pay the Wages to Employees Employed by Him as per the Payment of Wages Act. - Legal Reasoning


In the case of the factory, ___________ of that factory shall be liable to pay the wages to employees employed by him as per the Payment of Wages Act.


  • HR manager

  • Manager

  • Production manager

  • Trade Union Leader




Concept: Study of Law (Entrance Exams)
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Consists of legal proposition(s)/  principle(s) (hereinafter referred to as 'principle') and facts. Such principles may or may not be true in the real and legal sense, yet you have to conclusively assume them to be true for the purposes of this Section. In other words, in answering these questions, you must not rely on any principle except the principles that are given herein below for every question.  
Further, you must not assume any facts other than those stated in the question. The objective of this section is to test your interest in the study of law, research aptitude, and problem-solving ability, even if the 'most reasonable conclusion' arrived at may be absurd or unacceptable for any other reason. It is not the objective of this section to test your knowledge of the law.  
Therefore, to answer a question, the principle is to be applied to the given facts and to choose the most appropriate option. 

Principle: Where one of the parties to a contract was in the position to dominate the decision of the other party, the contract is enforceable only at the option of the party who was in a position to dominate the decision of the other party.

Facts:  A doctor asked his patient to make a payment of Rs. 10,00,000/- (Ten  Lac Only) for treatment of his fever. The patient paid an amount of Rs. 5,00,000/- (Five Lac Only) and promised to pay the remaining amount after the treatment. After treatment, the patient recovered from fever. The doctor demanded the remaining amount from the patient. The patient refused to pay. 

The question consists of two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and other as Reason (R).
You are to examine the two statements carefully and select the best option.

Assertion: Laws are means of achieving an end namely social control.

Reason: The ultimate end of law is to secure greatest happiness to greatest number.

Read the definition and elements of the attempt, apply them on the given fact situations and answer the question:

Definition of Attempt: Lord Blackburn has said that "there is no doubt that there is difference between a preparation antecedent to an attempt and the actual attempt, but if the actual transaction has commenced which would have ended in the crime if not interrupted, there is clearly an attempt to commit the crime."

1. Fault element· Intention or knowledge requisite for committing an offense: and
2. Conduct Element: does any act towards its commission and has crossed the stage of preparation. This act is so closely connected with and proximate to the commission that it falls in object because of facts not known to him or because of circumstances beyond his control.

'SINY' with an intention to pick-pocket puts his hand into MlNU's pocket. MINU had a Joaded pistol in his pocket The thief touches the pistol and trigger goes on, whereby MINU is shot dead.

Principle: Consent is a good defence in a civil action for tort but the act should be the same for which consent was given.

Fact: 'B' was formally invited by 'A' to his house. 'B' after sitting for some time in drawing room, moved to the bedroom of the house. 'A' sued 'B' for trespass.

Choose the most appropriate option:

'Audi alteram partem' means

Legal phrase is followed by four meanings. Choose the most appropriate option:

Caveat venditor

Legal phrase is followed by four meanings. Choose the most appropriate option:

Malus animus

Legal phrase is followed by four meanings. Choose the most appropriate option:

Per incuriam

Legal phrase is followed by four meanings. Choose the most appropriate option:

Bona vacantia

Mark the best option:
The right of a party to initiate an action and be heard before a Court of law is called

Mark the best option:
Ex gratia means

The right to information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 is a:

Mark the best option:
Forum non-convenience means –

Trade mark

Trade Marks Act in India enacted in

The Copyright Act, 1957 came into effect from

In case the state government wants to extent the applicability of Payment of wages Act to any other establishment or class of employees then it must give prior notice of ______________

In the case of industrial or other establishments, person responsibility of __________ shall be liable for the payment of the wage to employees employed by him.

Time Of Payment Of Wages is covered under section ____ of Payment of Wages Act

The following question consists of two statements, one labelled as. 'Assertion' and the other as 'Reason'. Read both the statements carefully and answer using the codes given below.

Assertion (A): International law is not law at all.

Reason (R): International law has no judicial system to enforce the law by applying sanctions.


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