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In a Race Between Mahesh and John, the Probability that John Will Lose the Race is 0.54. Find the Probability Of: (I) Winning of Mahesh (Ii) Winning of John - Mathematics

In a race between Mahesh and John, the probability that John will lose the race is 0.54. Find the probability of:
(i) winning of Mahesh
(ii) winning of John

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(i) But if John looses, Mahesh wins
Hence, probability of John losing the race = Probability of Mahesh winning the race since it is a race between these two only
Therefore, P(winning of Mahesh) = 0.54
(ii) P(winning of Mahesh) + P(winning of John) = 1
0.54 + P(winning of John) = 1
P(winning of John) = 1 – 0.54
P(winning of John) = 0.46

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Selina Concise Maths Class 10 ICSE
Chapter 25 Probability
Exercise 25 (A) | Q 8 | Page 386
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