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In Order to Be Successful, One Should Rely on Oneself and Not Expect Others to Help. Express Your View on the Given Statement. - English

Answer in Brief

In order to be successful, one should rely on oneself and not expect others to help. Express your view on the given statement. 

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To be successful – be Independent – not dependent on any family member of friends – many requirements in life – parents can’t fullfill all – nor friends – also no respect – bad treatment experienced – If independent – plan everything – do everything whatever wished – shopping, picnic and so on – help others – get happines – If take help feel like slaves caused maybe asked to be repaid in any form – have to lose self – respect – self Independent will igve us a feeling of  a successful person and also make us feel proud  - when take others help always we are tensed related to repayment or sudden repayment – burden – no sleep – more tension – B.P, sugar etc. Start.

Concept: Writing
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