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In How Many Ways Can One Select a Cricket Team of Eleven from 17 Players in Which Only 5 Players Can Bowl If Each Cricket Team of 11 Must Include Exactly 4 Bowlers? - Mathematics

In how many ways can one select a cricket team of eleven from 17 players in which only 5 players can bowl if each cricket team of 11 must include exactly 4 bowlers?

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Out of 17 players, 5 players are bowlers.

A cricket team of 11 players is to be selected in such a way that there are exactly 4 bowlers.

4 bowlers can be selected in  `""^5C_4` ways and the remaining 7 players can be selected out of the 12 players in `""^12C_7` ways.

Thus, by multiplication principle, required number of ways of selecting cricket team

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NCERT Class 11 Mathematics Textbook
Chapter 7 Permutations and Combinations
Q 7 | Page 153
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