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In the Given Figure. Line Ab Meets Y-axis at Point A. Line Through C(2,10) and D Intersects Line Ab at Right Angle at Poiunt R Find (1) Equation of Line Ab (2) Equation of Line Cd - Mathematics


In the given figure. line AB meets y-axis at point A. Line through C(2,10) and D intersects line AB at right angle at poiunt R find 

(1) equation of line AB 

(2) equation of line CD 

(3) Co-ordinates of point E and D 

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(1) `"Slope of line AB "=m=(8-6)/(-6-0)=2/-6=-1/3` 

The y-interoept of the line Ab is 6.

Thus , the equation of th given line is given by the slope -intercept from` y=mx+c`

i.e. `y=-1/3xx+6`

i.e.` 3y=-x+18`

i.e.` x+3y=18,` Which is the required equation. 

(2) Since Ab and CD intersect at right angles, 

`"slope"_(AB)xx "slope"_(CD)=-1`

`⇒ -1/3xx "slope"_(CD)=-1`

`⇒ Slope_(CD)=3`

U sing the slope-point from, the equation of CD is given by 


i.e. `y-10=3(x-2)`

i.e.` y-10=3x-6`

i.e. `3x-y+4=0` Which is the required equation of line CD.

(3) Since point E satisfies the equation Of AB, and the y-coordinate of E is 0, We can find the x-Coodinate of E. 


`⇒ x=18`

So, the coordinates of E are (18,0).

Now, since point D satisfies the equation Of CD, and the y-coordinate of D is 0, We can find the x-coordinate Of D.




So, the coordinates of D are `(-4/3,0)`

Concept: General Equation of a Line
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Selina Concise Maths Class 10 ICSE
Chapter 14 Equation of a Line
Exercise 14 (E) | Q 34 | Page 204
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