Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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In the Following Table, Export-import of Some Countries in the Year 2014-15 is Given in Million U.S. Dollars - Geography and Economics

Answer in Brief
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In the following table, export-import of some countries in the year 2014-15 is given
in million U.S. dollars. Make a compound bar graph of the given statistical information.
Read the bar diagram carefully and comment upon the balance of payments of the respective countries.

Country Export Import
China 2143 1960
India 272 380
Brazil 190 241
USA 1510 2380
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The bar diagram with comments on the import and export trade is mentioned below.

As per the information provided and the bar diagram India, Brazil and USA are doing an unfavorable balance trade as the value of import is more than the value of export. Whereas China is doing favorable balance trade as the value of export is more than the value of import.

Concept: International Trade Organisations
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