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In Fig. 14.36, a Right Triangle Boa is Given C is the Mid-point of the Hypotenuse Ab. Show that It is Equidistant from the Vertices O, a and B. - Mathematics

In Fig. 14.36, a right triangle BOA is given C is the mid-point of the hypotenuse AB. Show that it is equidistant from the vertices O, A  and B. 


We have a right angled triangle,`triangle BOA`  right angled at O. Co-ordinates are B (0,2b); A (2a0) and C (0, 0).




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We have to prove that mid-point C of hypotenuse AB is equidistant from the vertices.

In general to find the mid-pointP(x,y)  of two points`A(x_1,y_1)`and `B (x_2,y_2)` we use section formula as, 


So co-rdinates of C is , 

C (a,b) 

In general, the distance between` A(x_1,y_2)` and `B(x_2,y_2)`is given by, 





`CB =sqrt((a-0)^2+(b-2b)^2)` 




Hence, mid-point  C of hypotenuse AB is equidistant from the vertices.

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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 6 Co-Ordinate Geometry
Exercise 6.4 | Q 10 | Page 37
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