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In the Fair He Wants Many Things. What Are They? Why Does He Move on Without Waiting for an Answer? - English - Language and Literature

In the fair he wants many things. What are they? Why does he move on without waiting for an answer?

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The child wanted many things at the fair. His eyes first set on the shop of a sweetmeat seller. His mouth watered for the burfi, which was his favourite sweet. He knew his plea would not be heeded because his parents would call him greedy. Therefore, he moved on. He then saw a flower-seller. He was irresistibly drawn towards the flowers and wanted a garland. However, he knew his parents would refuse saying that they were cheap. Hence, he moved further ahead. He was then carried away by the colours of the different balloons and had an overwhelming desire to possess them. He moved ahead without asking his parents as he knew they would say that he was too old to play with such toys. He next went towards a snake charmer. However, knowing that his parents had forbidden him from hearing such coarse music as the snake charmer played, he carried on. The boy moved on without waiting for an answer because he knew that his request would be denied at each step .

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NCERT Moments Supplementary Reader in Class 9 English
Chapter 1 The Lost Child
Q 2 | Page 6
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