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In an Experiment, Anhad Studies Sound Waves. He Sets up a Loudspeaker to Produce Sound as Shown Below :Anhad Adjusts the Signal to the Loudspeaker to Give a Sound of Frequency 200 Hz. - Science

Answer in Brief

In an experiment, Anhad studies sound waves. He sets up a loudspeaker to produce sound as shown below :

Anhad adjusts the signal to the loudspeaker to give a sound of frequency 200 Hz.
(a) What happens to the air in-between Anhad and the loudspeaker ?
(b) Explain how Anhad receives sound in both ears.

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(a) The air in between Anhad and speaker vibrates with the frequency of 200 Hz. Sound is a longitudinal wave, so successive compression and rarefaction is formed between Anhad and the speaker.
(b) Anhad receives sound in the right ear by the sound waves transmitted directly from the loudspeaker, and in his left ear, he receives sound from sound waves reflected from the classroom wall.

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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 5 Sound
Hots Questions | Q 87 | Page 210
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