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In Evolutionary Terms, Can We Say Which Among Bacteria, Spiders, Fish and Chimpanzees Have a ‘Better’ Body Design? Why Or Why Not? - Science

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In evolutionary terms, can we say which among bacteria, spiders, fish and chimpanzees have a ‘better’ body design? Why or why not?

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Evolution cannot always be equated with progress or better body designs. Evolution simply creates more complex body designs. However, this does not mean that the simple body designs are inefficient. In fact, bacteria having a simple body design are still the most cosmopolitan organisms found on earth. They can survive hot springs, deep sea, and even freezing environment.Therefore, bacteria, spiders, fish, and chimpanzees are all different branches of evolution


Concept: Human Evolution
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NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution
Q 2 | Page 158

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